Professional Song Evaluation Services!

Reliable, honest feedback from a seasoned songwriter.

Providing songwriters with reliable, useful feedback on their composition and recording techniques with an ear for getting your work published.

Send us your songs, and for a very reasonable cost:  $20.00 for one song, $30.00 for two songs (maximum of two per submission), and we will send you a detailed evaluation along with any suggestions we feel would help your chances of getting published.

We only accept submissions via CD by mail along with a check for payment. Why? Because we are songwriters: not computer gurus. Actually that is not 100-percent true: we use computers to write songs just like most people, while at the same time, we have plenty of experience with analog recording techniques as well.

But on-line payments introduce a whole new level of security risks. And electronic submissions of music can be problematic with all the different file formats and compression algorithms. CDs are a pretty good standard to judge against. They are digital after all, and that is the most likely method of eventual playback. While there are better formats, you don't want your song to be mastered in such a way that only listeners with a super-expensive stereo system will listen to your music. After all, even they will want to listen to your great work in their car or on the go with their smart devices. So we decided on CDs as the happy medium (pun intended).

Further, I'm sure someone could program a computer to evaluate songs uploaded to it and generate some quasi-believeable, mambo-jumbo about your song. But that won't help you much. We really listen to your stuff.